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Thorell’s Sweet “E” model is a traditional X-braced archtop inspired by the great masters of this building genre, and each guitar is custom voiced to a player’s needs and desires. Frank Vignola – plays a Thorell “FV” Guitar (click picture to enlarge) Frank is one of the most accomplished, multi-dimensional players walking the planet today. Monster player, composer and improviser, Frank plays proficiently in every genre, from jazz to bluegrass, and works with everyone and their brother. Master-crafted instruments that strive for the pinnacle of 21st-century guitar lutherie. The FV Premier was originally commissioned by jazz great Frank Vignola and built with the intention of providing versatile and clear acoustic tone with a fusion of Gypsy, archtop, and flattop sounds. This FV Premier boasts Lutz spruce for the top, figured cocobolo binding, walnut for the back and sides, and a mahogany neck that’s capped with an ebony fretboard. Ryan Thorell’s unique and toneful Frank Vignola signature model has a carved top that is only about half the depth of a traditional archtop guitar; add to that hybrid gypsy guitar bracing and Thorell has a guitar that is both loud and stable while maintaining a bright, pleasant tone whether the player is comping chords or playing a melody line.

Thorell fv guitar

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custom orders are available and priced on a consultation basis. all guitars are hand built one at a time by ryan thorell. inclusions/ upgrades. calton case custom fit made in austin texas included 2010-01-14 I have a guitar that I have just built. It is a new model based on the fv, same size and soundboard design. It has really cool early L5 style f-holes and my sweet e headstock.

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inclusions/ upgrades. calton case custom fit made in austin texas included 2010-01-14 I have a guitar that I have just built. It is a new model based on the fv, same size and soundboard design.

Thorell fv guitar

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I owned a Thorell FV (and a Benedetto Vignola as well). If it has Frank's name on it, you can bet it will be good. When discussing his journey to the Thorell guitar he currently From now on I play the new FV model built by Ryan Thorell. It produces the tone I want and the  Available in both studio and premier designs, this groundbreaking guitar brings the beautiful clarity and immediacy of the Viennese guitar tradition into  Freelance guitarist, instructor and composer.

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The price is normally 6500. Thorell Guitars Blog. July 30, 2009 Filed under: "FV" Guitar, Frank Vignola, Gary Mazzaroppi, Jazz Guitar Life, Vinny Raniolo — thorellguitars @ 12:45 am Thorell Guitars presents Australian guitarist Adam Miller in concert (11/8/13) at 8pm in Logan, Utah. Picture of Adam Miller playing a Thorell FV Archtop during the concert Comment from Adam Miller while on his way to Utah for his concert: Frank’s Stash (of Guitars…) Ryan Thorell FV Model. Once again, jazz guitarist Frank Vignola gives us a behind the scenes look at some very classic guitars in his ‘stash’.

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Mike Stern playing a Thorell "FV" Archtop - Pinterest

This video features his Ryan Thorell FV Model. For more of Frank’s StashAdvertisement Traditional carve is very much the current standard and pinnacle archtop design. Standard with an x brace hand fit and carved per each individual instrument by Ryan Thorell. The FV and the Gianina feature Ryans pioneered interrupted parallel bracing or pie bracing and varying z access soundboard carves.

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Frank has been playing the FV consistently since 2009.